Obion County Tennessee Government

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  2. April 2, 2013 5:38 pm

Obion County Tennessee Government

Obion County is located in northwest Tennessee. The county seat is in Union City, where the offices of many of the county’s services are headquartered.

The Obion County Sheriff’s Office is located in Union City on Mt. Zion Road. The complex at that location also includes the county jail.

Fire services in Obion County are provided in two ways, although always by the City Fire Departments of the towns in Obion County. If residents live within the city limits, they have protection from the city services paid through their taxes. If residents live in Obion County outside of the city limits they are required to pay a subscription to the serving fire department of $75 annually for fire protection services. Approximately 67% of all calls to Obion County fire departments are rural ones.

The Obion County Public Library, also in Union City, serves the entire county six days a week. The facility is located in over 30,000 square feet located on four acres with over 88,000 books, audio books, DVD’s, CD’s and database references. Over 2000 people a week, on average, access the library. The library also has active Children’s Department that includes summer reading programs, pre-school story times, crafts for kids, as well as special events throughout the year. There are also special programs for teenagers and ‘tweens. The library also has twenty-four computers to provide public access to the internet. The Obion County Genealogy Center is also located at the Obion County Library.

Schools in Obion County include Black Oak Elementary in Hornbeack, Hillcrest Elementary in Troy, Obion County Central High School in Troy, Lake Road Elementary in Union City, Ridgemont Elementary in Union City, South Fulton Elementary in South Fulton, and South Fulton Middle and High School in South Fulton.

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